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Get qualified!

5-Step Tenant Screening Process &

Applicant Eligibility Requirements


Before you apply:

Review our applicant criteria.

All adult tenants must submit an application and undergo the tenant screening process. See our applicant eligibility requirements below.


Background Check

We look at your history.

We verify your identity and partner with TransUnion to conduct a thorough background check to uncover criminal and eviction records.



We contact references.

We connect with previous landlords to learn about your history as a tenant, and we conduct employment and income verification.


Tenant Application

Tell us about yourself.

You complete our online application and share information about yourself, including income and employment info and rental history.


Credit Check

We examine your credit.

We partner with TransUnion to see your credit and shed light on your financial situation, including total debt and on-time payment history.


Current Home Visit

We visit your current home.

We conduct a scheduled visit and inspection of your current residence to determine how you'll care for your new LIVV WELL home.

Residential lease applicants for LIVV WELL homes must:


  • Have above average credit, with no significant credit issues, including collections.
  • Have a total household income of at least 3 times the total monthly rental amount.
  • Have no prior evictions.
  • Receive a positive referral from previous landlord.
  • Pass a criminal background check.
  • Have and maintain a renter's insurance policy (learn more here).
Qualified? View and apply for one of our available homes!
Additional application requirements for LIVV WELL homes:
General Requirements
  • We rent to qualified prospective tenants on a first-come, first-served basis. The first person (or group) who meets all of our eligibility requirements and completes the application and screening process for a vacant home is offered the unit. One benefit of this process is that it eliminates both conscious and unconscious bias from the rental process. We believe that all people seeking to rent a home should have housing opportunity and choice without discrimination or other limitations based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, creed, sexual or affectional orientation, ancestry, marital status, receipt of public assistance, or age. Learn more about our belief in equal housing here
  • A prospective tenant's place in line is affected by desired move-in date (a qualified applicant who is ready to move in on the first of the following month will be selected before a qualified tenant who is ready to move in two months from now).
  • Your application package will not be submitted for review/approval until all prospective tenants/roommates in your party have completed a walkthrough of the property with a LIVV WELL representative and submitted an application (this can be waived on a case-by-case basis).
  • All prospective tenants over the age of 18 must submit a fully completed application with no material misstatements or omissions.
  • All prospective tenants over the age of 18 must provide LIVV WELL with a photo/copy of a valid government-issued ID.
  • Other information provided by the applicant (anticipated length of tenancy, tenancy commencement date, etc.) will be taken into consideration. 
  • Any offers or proposals an applicant may choose to make (additional rent or deposit, extended lease term, qualified guarantors, qualified co-signers, etc.) will be taken into consideration.
  • LIVV WELL Property Management can only give approved applicants 24 hours to decide if they'd like to move forward in the rental process and secure the home. Prospective tenants who express desire to move forward have an additional 24 hours to submit their security deposit to hold the home. If prospective tenants don't submit a security deposit within 48 hours of being approved, the home is made available to other applicants.
Credit Requirements
  • Applicants must have a positive credit history, free of negative credit issues and with no rental-related collections.
  • Applicants with charge-offs, unpaid debts, or a history of delinquent payments may be denied tenancy.
  • No Unlawful Detainer action or eviction history.
  • Portable screening reports (previous tenant screening reports) will not be accepted.
  • Student and medical debt may be excluded from the above credit requirements.
  • Applicants applying with a cosigner to meet credit requirements will be accepted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of LIVV WELL Property Management and the property owner(s).
Income Requirements
  • Applicants must provide proof of verifiable employment (we verify employment) and/or source of income.
  • Applicant monthly income (or combined monthly income of applicants) must be 3 times the total monthly rental amount.
  • W-2 employees will be asked to provide the two (2) most recent paystubs, which must include employer name, employee name, and date of pay period.
  • Offer letters from prospective employers may be accepted as proof of employment.
  • Self-Employed/Retired applicants must provide the three (3) most recent bank statements, including all pages, and previous year’s tax return. Each statement must show the name of bank, account holder’s name, statement date, summary of deposits, and balance.
  • Proof of alternative source of income may be from a lawful verifiable source other than wages, salaries, or other compensation for employment including, but not limited to: Section 8 vouchers, social security benefits, unemployment benefits, charity programs, maintenance or child support, and/or any federal, state, local government, private or nonprofit administered benefit program.
  • Applicants applying with a cosigner to meet income requirements will be accepted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of LIVV WELL Property Management and the property owner(s).
Rental References
  • Two (2) positive landlord references (i.e. timely rent payment, no damage in excess of normal wear and tear, no documented rule violations, timely issuance of notices of intent to vacate and compliance therewith.) from within the last five (5) years. References must have a valid phone number and email address.
  • We may deny the application and move on to the next if the previous landlord does not respond within 48 hours of inquiry.
  • If the applicant owned a home and cannot provide rental references, mortgage payment history can be used to qualify.
  • If an applicant has no landlord references, a qualified guarantor may be required.
Criminal History
  • Criminal history will be considered on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with local and state ordinance.
  • Public records regarding civil court cases may be reviewed and determined to be grounds for denial
  • No smoking is allowed in LIVV WELL homes.
  • Applicants may be approved or denied based on perceived conscientiousness, responsibility and kindness, at the discretion of LIVV WELL Property Management and the property owner(s).
In the event an applicant has a sensory, physical, or mental impairment that limits a major life function, or needs meaningful access to the application form (i.e. applicant does not speak English and needs a translator) and is not able to complete an application in a timely manner, they can make a request for additional time or a reasonable accommodation to extend their application period for up to 72 hours. Please submit your request directly to the property manager with the requested timeline to complete the application, the reason for your accommodation request and documentation supporting your request.
The following will result in immediate denial of an application: False, incorrect or misleading information; criminal or unsafe behavior; and threatening or abusive behavior towards a LIVV WELL Property Management representative, agent or contractor.